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What's a Pawbreaker? "Pawbreakers! The Candy for Cats" is an all natural, healthy, safe and fun toy ball and treat rolled into one- a purrrfect combination. Pawbreakers are the catnip equivalent of a 'Jawbreaker' for cats (without the sugar)! Pawbreakers are a unique, solid ball of top-quality catnip, specially combined with a human-grade binding agent to make a tasty toy that can be chased and eaten by your cat with almost no mess! Watch the excitement as your cat goes crazy for Pawbreakers!

100% Edible-100% Natural-100% FUN! Pawbreakers are an EDIBLE TOY and TREAT! .

What's in it? The secret recipe is 100% natural and uses only pure, fresh catnip and human-grade ingredients that are healthy for your cat! Pawbreakers do not contain sugar or any other unwanted ingredients. We call it 'candy' because it's such a treat for the kitties.

Pawbreakers lock in the flavor! - Any fragrant substance (herbs, spices, coffee etc.) will lose their smell if left open in the air especially in hot, humid or bright/sunlit conditions. Pawbreakers are specially made to lock in the flavor. Every time your kitty chews or scratches on their Pawbreaker, they are releasing the fresh aroma locked in every bite of a Pawbreaker. A plain old box of catnip, or catnip stuffed in a fabric pouch will lose much of its aroma (if it hasn't already before you bought it). While it may still work, its just doesn't stay as fresh as a Pawbreaker. Pawbreakers are also packaged freshly in its own zip lock baggie.


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